Christian Zylstra

I’m currently a senior at Dordt College and a graduate from Sioux Falls Christian in Sioux Falls, SD. I grew up in a Christian Reformed household with two younger brothers and a younger sister. Sports have always been a big part of my life, especially playing football for a few years and baseball through my senior season of high school. Apart from KDCR, I spent a year writing for the N’West Iowa Review and interned at ESPN 99.1 FM in Sioux Falls, SD. Currently, I am the sports editor for the Dordt Diamond, broadcast multiple sports for Mike Byker and write as a freelance journalist for ESPN 99.1 FM.

If you had to prepare a fancy meal for special friends, what would you make?
Oven-baked garlic and herb chicken with baked potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

Considering someone other than the Lord, your parents, and members of your family—who is the most influential person in your life at this time?
Mike Byker; specifically with career aspirations, he is providing me with a multitude of opportunities for experience
Enter into the world of sports journalism and broadcasting.

How has your work at KDCR 88.5 inspired you?
It’s helped me discover my love for radio and confirmed my belief that I am called to enter the world of sports journalism and broadcasting

In a short statement, what would you say to the supporters of KDCR 88.5?
Thank you dearly for your listening and support of KDCR 88.5 FM. My time at the radio station has been one of the better experiences during my time at Dordt College, and your listening and financial contributions have made this possible. Beyond that, these opportunities you helped create have given me the confidence that I am using my talents the way God intended and am answering His calling for my life.