Derek De Vries

My name is Derek De Vries and I am a senior from Orange City, Iowa. I went to nearby Unity Christian High School (IA) and my hometown is Edgerton, Minnesota. Also, I am a member of the Dordt College Concert Choir. Finally, I work as a sports broadcaster for Dordt athletics as well. You name the sport, and I’ve likely announced it at some point during the last four years for the Defenders!

What is your year and major at Dordt College?
Senior, Actuarial Science and Business: Finance major with an Economics minor

How has your work at KDCR 88.5 inspired you?
I have been able to work on my communication skills, as well as my thinking skills—learning what to say the moment right before it is said into the microphone. Being able to develop these kinds of skills sets you apart in the business world, which is the arena I plan to be a part of in the future.

In a short statement, what would you say to the supporters KDCR 88.5?
My childhood dream was always to be a sports broadcaster and now I have gotten to fulfill that dream without even pursuing it as a future career thanks to KDCR 88.5 and Dordt College! Thank you for your continuous support and obligation to make KDCR 88.5 and Dordt College a place desired by today’s youth for a great education, growth in their faith, and the guarantee to remember their college experience for a lifetime!