Matt Dykstra

I am from Sparta, Michigan. I went to Sparta High School, and went to Sparta Trinity Christian Reformed Church. I have played soccer and basketball all my life and worked for an apple grower that goes to my home church. I came to Dordt on the basketball scholarship and am now a senior 3 extremely short years later. I married the most beautiful and wonderful woman God ever created in the summer of 2016 and find myself blessed in a new way each and every day.

What is your year and major at Dordt College?
Senior, Major- Business Administration: Finance Emphasis
Major- Business Administration: Marketing Emphasis
Minor- Economics

How has your work at KDCR 88.5 inspired you?
It has taught me to not be scared to take on new things that I may think I won’t be good at because I just might find a new way to serve God by going out of my comfort zone.

In a short statement, what would you say to the supporters of KDCR 88.5?
Thank you for your support! You don’t know how much it impacts all those who are impacted by it. My wife works in the nursing home and she says that a very large portion of the residents turn to the Premier Cable Channel 77 that constantly streams KDCR and listen to it all day long. The mission of KDCR is by no means cause-less. It makes far more of a mark than we may even know, so thank you for your continued support.