Your donation enables moments where God’s Word in song arrives on the scene for a single mother struggling to find her “faith footing,” for the one who battles thoughts about the meaning of life, a family facing uncertainty in the midst of a severe crisis and dysfunction … and your donation provides for the moments of great praise, joy—those sovereign moments of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your membership stewards KDCR 88.5 as a place of “praise and refuge” for those who are eager, or hungering, and desiring to according to God’s plan for all of mankind in His creation. Become a “Club 8-85” member today, and support moments like these, and many others throughout the year on KDCR 88.5.


Answers to Questions about Supporting KDCR 88.5

What is "Club 8-85"?

When you give to today’s pledge drive, you are literally joining the radio ministry of KDCR 88.5—as you impact the lives of others who listen along with you!

YOU, our loyal monthly supporters called “Club 8-85,” join with hundreds of KDCR listeners to support the education, ministry and fiscal costs of the radio station by making an online recurring (auto-monthly) donation of $8.85 that enables KDCR 88.5 to thrive.

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How is KDCR operational budget determined?

KDCR is not subsidized by government programs, a giant public corporation or through sales and revenue from commercials and station products. KDCR is support and subsidized by generous people just like you—those who give consistently through monthly donations.

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When I become a supporter, how are my dollars used?

Daily Station Operations: daily utilities, monthly station maintenance and tower maintenance, studio equipment, programming services, student worker salaries, music royalties, streaming and website fees, etc.

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What is the “passion and purpose” of KDCR 88.5?

Intentionally programmed: KDCR 88.5 offers a Christian radio format that encourages each listener toward a meaningful relationship with God, the gospel and in all of creation—for the glory of His great name.

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Is online giving safe and secure?

Yes.  KDCR 88.5 online donations are run through Stripe. All card numbers are securely encrypted with AES-256.  Stripe’s official libraries connect to Stripe’s servers over TLS and verify TLS certificates on each connection.

Is KDCR 88.5 a non profit?

Yes. KDCR 88.5 is a non-commercial (503-c1; not for profit), listener supported radio ministry and educational organization of Dordt College.

Will I get a receipt of donation for tax purposes?

Yes, all forms of donations made to KDCR 88.5 are 100% tax deductible; each and every donation will be appropriately receipted for any/all annual tax purposes.

How can I cancel my monthly or recurring donation?

Cancelling a recurring gift is simple and can be accomplished online or via email.  To cancel your recurring gift online please submit the cancellation form here. Alternatively, an option to cancel your recurring gift can be found in your monthly email.