10/15/20 – 2020 Siouxnami Waterpark Season

Sioux Center recreation was hoping to have a full year of operations at the Siouxnami Waterpark.  Recreation Director Dave Ruter said it turned out to be a great season, though coronavirus forced the Governor to keep swimming facilities closed.

Ruter says coronavirus didn’t hamper operations this season.

After a couple of years of operation, operators of the Siouxnami Waterpark know where the hot spots are.  Ruter says the lifeguards know where the most likely trouble-spot is.

Ruter says there have been no injuries reported at that spot.  He also says the piece of equipment at the waterpark that gets the most attention is the zip line.  It’s in continual use, at one flight every 20 seconds.

Overall attendance at the park was 3,000 more than 2019, the first year the park opened.  Admissions totaled $221,000; $30,000 more than last year.