2/11/21 – Alton Fire Department

Alton voters will decide early next month whether or not to approve a 2 million dollars expansion of the city’s Fire Department/EMS building.

Fire Chief Quintin Van Es says the structure was built in 1976, and the fire and emergency services crews have outgrown it.

The current building is cramped, and doesn’t comply with safety standards.

Van Es says the expansion will be on property where the current fire/ems building stands.

Concept plans call for construction of an 88-hundred square foot facility.  It would include additional bays for storing apparatus and equipment.  There will also be space for changing into necessary gear, and a meeting and training room.

The city of Alton will sell two million dollars in bonds to pay for construction, pending voter approval.  The bonds will be paid off through proceeds from the city’s local option sales tax.  It will not require a property tax increase.

Voters will decide on March 2 whether to authorize the city council to sell the bonds. The measure must pass by a 60% majority.