2/22/21 – Iowa State Patrol Enforcement Excercise

State authorities are becoming concerned about the number of accidents involving state vehicles, particularly snowplows.  State Trooper Kevin Krull says DOT vehicles and troopers stopped to helping motorists are vulnerable to these crashes.

Krull says rear-end accidents are the most common type during this time of year.  Some of the accidents are serious, but not the majority of them.

Trooper Krull says drivers must pay better attention to plows and state patrol vehicles during winter weather.

This week, the Iowa State Patrol will carry out an intensive enforcement exercise in Sioux and Lyon Counties.  The two counties have a high number of accidents, and officers will be trying to slow down motorists.

It’s unusual to carry out a concentrated traffic enforcement exercise in winter.  Krull says this is connected to the high number of accidents this year involving motorists and snowplows and state traffic enforcement vehicles.