3/18/2021 – Mass COVID-19 Vaccinations

Iowa governor Kim Reynolds says mass vaccinations for COVID-19 could take place in the state as early as April 5.  Reynolds says vaccination efforts in nursing homes is nearing an end, and that will allow state health officials to concentrate on the rest of the population.

The federal government is promising a surge in supply in late March. This will enable enough vaccinations to meet much larger demand. For that reason, the governor said all Iowans will soon be able to get vaccinated.

Reynolds isn’t worried that a significant number of Iowans may choose not to receive a dose of COVID-19 vaccine. As the availability of doses increase in succeeding weeks, Iowans will change their mind and schedule a vaccination appointment.

A Recent Pew research survey indicates 30% of Americans either probably wouldn’t or definitely wouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine. That percentage has been dropping over the past 6 months.