Supporting KDCR 88.5

The success of KDCR 88.5 is directly related to our listeners’ generous donations. KDCR operations greatly depend upon your financial generosity—each donation is a gift from God toward our commitment in mission for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the educational practicum of our Undergraduate Communication and Broadcast student workers. Please know that every one-time and continuous financial gift to KDCR 88.5 supports many vital aspects of the radio station’s ministry, and education and operational purposes for Dordt University and the surrounding region at large. Thank you for considering KDCR 88.5 in your prayerful stewardship.

Business Sponsorships


Are you looking for an effective means by which your business name can become associated with every KDCR 88.5 listeners? As a KDCR 88.5 programming business sponsor, your name and/or company name will be delivered to thousands of homes, commuters and partner business, education and church officers.

Matching Gifts


You can double the impact of your generosity by participating in the matching gift program. Many companies (employers) encourage philanthropy by matching their employees’ gifts to educational underwriting opportunities like KDCR 88.5 and Dordt University. Most match the gift dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount.

Planned Gifts


The most common donations are outright gifts of cash. But many times, supporters want to hold on to their resources and assets to be sure they can meet their family’s future financial needs. Many KDCR 88.5 listeners are delighted to learn that we easy alternatives that allow listeners to make a planned gift—a gift in time.