What is "Club 8-85"?

When you give to today’s pledge drive, you are literally joining the radio ministry of KDCR 88.5—as you impact the lives of others who listen along with you!YOU, our loyal monthly supporters called “Club 8-85,” join with hundreds of KDCR listeners to support the education, ministry and fiscal costs of the radio station by making an online recurring (auto-monthly) donation of $8.85 that enables KDCR 88.5 to thrive.

As a monthly Club 8-85 member, you provide foundational funds for the daily operation, future development and around-the- clock ministry of KDCR 88.5.

As a monthly Club 8-85 member, you provide the needed funds to play the music that God uses to change people’s lives each day; we call it ‘the right song, at the right time.’

As a monthly Club 8-85 member, you provide foundational funds for our student works—their salaries, learning experiences and their scholarships. As an $8.85 monthly member, you are supporting tomorrow’s media leaders in training at Dordt University.

As a monthly Club 8-85 member, you help to purchase and play the songs that give listeners hope, truth and encouragement each day—you provide moments like this, as well as thecomputers, software and engineering equipment needed to operate the format.

How is kdcr operational budget determined?

KDCR is not subsidized by government programs, a giant public corporation or through sales and revenue from commercials and station products. KDCR is support and subsidized by generous people just like you—those who give consistently through monthly donations.Dordt University subsidizes of portion of the KDCR 88.5 annual operational costs. Like any other academic department at Dordt University, the college provides for the foundational labs, classrooms and basic facilities to instruct and train students. The college has recently requested that KDCR 88.5 begin to raise annual funds to help pay for student staffing, station sustainability, new format programming, vital equipment, engineering and to being to plan for future expansion in operational objectives.

When I become a supporter, how are my dollars used?

Daily Station Operations: daily utilities, monthly station maintenance and tower maintenance, studio equipment, programming services, student worker salaries, music royalties, streaming and website fees, etc.Financial support for KDCR student workers and student leaders during the academic calendar year, summer and holiday breaks is approximately $50,000 annually.

Replacing and/or repairing old and outdated broadcast equipment is approximately $35,000 annually.

Engineering and maintenance: Upgrading studio satellite, computers, select transmitter equipment, new sound cards and various studio support equipment and cabinetry is $25,000 annually.

The cost of purchasing a needed (vital) power back-up system, so KDCR 88.5 can stay on the air during loss of power, storms and emergency events and situations is $150,000.

Music: While playing music on KDCR 88.5 sounds simple, it is actually quite costly due to publishing rights, artist royalties, and continual equipment upgrades.

Online music streaming, website construction and maintenance and related online streaming fees and subscriptions is $500 a month.

Purchasing promotional items such as banner, tables, remote equipment, shirts and promotional gift premiums is $11,500 annually.

News, Sports and Information: news services, news anchor(s), sports anchor(s), remote broadcast equipment for news, sports and promotional (community) appearances.

Sports broadcast equipment, transportation and student staffing is $8,500.

Expansion: KDCR 88.5 continues to seek growth in today’s electronic, digital and social media culture for our students and the surrounding community, as well as cultivating listeners and donors for the station.

Print, digital and appeal mailing costs, brochures and printed sponsorship collateral is $2,500 a month.

What is the "passion and purpose" of kdcr 88.5?

Intentionally programmed: KDCR 88.5 offers a Christian radio format that encourages each listener toward a meaningful relationship with God, the gospel and in all of creation—for the glory of His great name.Actual classroom and “radio lab:” KDCR 88.5 is a student curricular training facility for Dordt University students who are being prepared to enter a vocation that involves communication skills, marketing, business, sales, entrepreneurism, ministry, business, journalism and broadcast media.

Christ-centered and Clean Programming: Today’s media is flooded with content that threatens our families, tarnishes theological perspectives and contaminates our marriages, children and general culture—supporting KDCR 88.5 helps to sustains our mission to be a competitive, excellent educational and entertainment alternative for the glory of God.